IMCA 2005 IMCA 2005
(the program is not definitive and could have changes)
Thursday, 20/10/05
7:00 - 18:00 Training in the sport hall for all nations
(every nation has the veterinary control 30 minuts before own training)
18.30 Meeting with the judges
19.00 Meeting with the teamleaders and the judges
Friday, 21/10/05
10.00 Opening cerimony
11.00 ParAgility  1° Agility S - M - L Judge: Relinde Peschier
14.00  IMCA Agility individual Small/Medium  Judge: Arpād Tŏth 
Saturday, 22/10/05
8.00  IMCA Agility individual Large Judge: Arnaldo Benini
10.00  ParAgility 2° Agility  S - M - L Judge: Arpād Tŏth 
14.00  IMCA Agility team Small/Medium Judge: Relinde Peschier
IMCA Agility team Large Judge: Arnaldo Benini
Sunday, 23/10/05
8.00  IMCA Jumping team Large Judge: Arpād Tŏth 
IMCA Jumping team Small/Medium Judge: Relinde Peschier
11.30  ParAgility Jumping  S - M - L Judge: Arnaldo Benini
14.00  IMCA Jumping individual Large Judge: Relinde Peschier
IMCA Jumping individual Small/Medium Judge: Arnaldo Benini

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